Swept up in the whirlwind of my insanity
I picture gravity
It draws me
And I it
The swirling continuum of our masses
Colliding gradually
Shattered tragedy
Bird of flight
Taken down into my night
So I swim
And in so doing
Cross the patterns
Waves that make existence
Troubled by insistence
Drawn in
By unseen force
Without remorse
We fight and flay
We struggle all day
Against that which is not felt
More than which fate has dealt
Cannot be spurned
Before it we knelt
Drawing us down
Towards and tighter
Even light cannot escape
To be crushed
Give in
To dream and weep of greater sin
We have not the time it takes
To turn
See dust
Left in our wake
Spiral of destruction
Destiny is but a function
Flows with and through us
Far beyond
It touches
The We
Sparkling being that is
But not you
For you are them
And together we be
But apart we spin